Whether you’re headed to visit family or just exploring the countryside, a road trip can be a fun and economical way to get to where you’re going. Of course, spending long hours in the car has its downsides, too. Here are four common causes of Maryland car accidents, particularly when it comes to lengthy road trips:

  1. “Are We There Yet?”
    Whether you’re fed up with little ones asking the question incessantly or hoping to make the drive a little quicker, it’s tempting to speed on a long drive. Unfortunately, speed is one of the top three causes of motor vehicle accidents in Maryland and the US.
  2. So Sleepy
    There’s something about a long trip in the car that makes everyone a little tired, including the person behind the wheel. A driver may not even realize just how sleepy he is until it’s already too late. In fact, experts believe that sleepy drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers when it comes to Maryland accidents.
  3. Distractions
    In this electronic-savvy age, people typically turn to TV or the Internet to pass the time—even on the road. Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the biggest causes of serious accidents, whether it’s a commuter checking email on the way to work or a family watching a movie on a long road trip.
  4. Where Are We?
    Tourists taking in the beauty and historical significance of Maryland or Washington, D.C. can easily get confused, trying to navigate our massive highway system. Drivers who don’t know where they are going frequently make last-second lane changes, abrupt stops, and other dangerous driving moves that can lead to a Maryland car crash.

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