James S. Nickelsporn

James S. Nickelsporn

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James has been an outstanding advocate for clients’ rights ever since he was a little boy. His father was an attorney and he grew up appreciating, respecting, and admiring how a good lawyer can truly help people—not only with their legal issues, but also by providing them with support during their times of need. 

Professional Experience

James became the Assistant State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County in 1972. After spending six years in this position, he wound up spending an additional eleven years as the Assistant Public Defender for Prince George’s County (1978 – 1989), eight of which he spent as the Chief Trial Attorney for the Juvenile Division.

This period of James’ life was extremely busy. In addition to holding the above positions, in 1978, his steady drive and dedication to the community led him to open the Law Offices of James S. Nickelsporn, P.C. (1978 – Present), as well as devote his time to the Prince George’s Community College as an instructor of business management (1978 – Present), which he still continues to do.     

Learn More About James

James holds several memberships within the legal community, including all three of the American, Maryland, and Prince George’s County Bar Associations, as well as the American Judicature Society, National Council for Juvenile Court Judges, and both the American and Maryland Trial Lawyers Associations. He also frequently advocates for AIDS education and Model Parenting Programs.

He hopes to expand upon his many accomplishments, by one day serving on his condominium cooperative’s Board of Directors. 

What You May Find Interesting About James

When not helping his clients or teaching his community about business, James enjoys swimming, Pilates, exercising, catching up on the latest news, and going to see movies and plays.       

His proudest moment occurred in February of 1968, when he was honored to have dinner with Martin Luther King Jr.  

James’ passion, dedication, and knowledge provides his clients with a unique perspective and confidence that everyone should have during a legal battle. Contact him today to see how his experience and resources can help you get the justice you not only need—but the justice you deserve.