Richard S. Lundin

Richard S. Lundin

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Rick decided to be a lawyer when he was a teenager.  In high school, he wrote in his yearbook that his future goals were to be a lawyer and to get involved with politics. He never pursued politics, but with his parents’ and teachers’ encouragement, he's pursued his career in law throughout his entire adult life, becoming a named partner in a successful law firm more than ten years ago.

Professional Experience

Rick began his legal career at the age of 19, working part-time as a litigation assistant at a large and established law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout the years he spent there, he worked on an anti-trust case with a young associate at the time, the former Arizona Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

After graduating from Arizona State with a degree in finance, Rick chose to attend George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to pursue his legal endeavors. Although he was accepted into law schools in California, Virginia and Arizona, he felt studying law in the nation's capital would provide unique opportunities and experiences.

During and after law school, he worked for a federal judge in Washington, D.C., the Honorable Charles R. Richey. Rick often says that learning from him and watching trials gave him the invaluable experience and motivation he needed as a law student and young lawyer. “He used to say that a judge who spent all his time in the courtroom couldn’t get his work done.” The unforgettable experience and invaluable impressions Judge Richey left on Rick are definitely visible throughout his work, as he strives to live up to one of Judge Richey’s favorite mottos: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

In 1994, after completing his bar exam, Rick was hired by James Nickelsporn as an associate attorney, handling car accident cases. By 2002, Nickelsporn had realized how dependable, hardworking, and genuine Rick was toward his clients and the law, and invited him to join him as his law partner—Rick gladly accepted, creating the current firm of Nickelsporn and Lundin, P.C.  In 2006, Rick started handling divorce, custody and family law matters on behalf of clients, and during the past ten years, he has helped many people successfully navigate the difficulties of divorce and custody matters.

Learn More About Rick

Rick holds several memberships within the legal community, including the Negligence, Insurance and Workers’ Compensation, Family & Juvenile Law, and Litigation Sections of the Maryland State Bar Association; the American Bar Association; the Montgomery County Bar Association; the Prince George’s County Bar Associations; the Maryland Association for Justice; and the District of Columbia Bar.

He hopes to expand upon these many accomplishments, by one day expanding the firm to include criminal defense, DUI, wills, and immigration law in order to continue to provide excellent legal services for their clients.

What You May Find Interesting About Rick

When not helping his clients reach their legal goals, Rick enjoys running, weight training at the gym, staying healthy and active, reading, camping and hiking with his son and his scout troop throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

He and his son hiked 50 miles in the Yosemite wilderness in August 2013. “Backpacking teaches you how to be prepared, which is the same mindset needed for trial work—discipline, anticipate what will be needed, carefully gauging a dynamic situation and then improvising with what is on hand to get the job done when something unexpected occurs.”

His favorite sayings, and words to live by include:

“Be Prepared.” – Boy Scout motto

“Better to have it and not need to need it and not have it.”  – Variation on saying by Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924)

“Make Progress Every Day.” – Verizon

“By endurance we conquer.” – Sir Ernest Shackelton (1874 – 1922)

Rick’s deep-rooted belief in the importance of always going the extra mile for people and treating them the way he would want to be treated provides his clients with a unique, caring, and confident legal experience that you may not find anywhere else. Contact him today to see how his experience and resources can help you and your family get the justice you need.