The tension in your home is unmistakable. You can barely look your spouse in the eye without gritting your teeth—and the fights never seem to end. Your wedding day seems like a distant memory. Framed pictures of that happy day mock and taunt you. The smiles and laughter are no more. Now the innocent vow to love each other “as long as we both shall live” seems childish and foolish. That broken promise has left you to pick up the pieces of your shattered life. Where do you begin?

Family law matters are often complicated. Every family is different, and what works well for one couple may not work at all for another. You should discuss your situation with an attorney if any of the following circumstances are complicating your divorce:

  • Child Custody – You and your spouse have children together and must determine how childcare will be handled.
  • Alimony – Either you or your spouse makes significantly more money than the other.
  • Estrangement – You and your spouse are not on speaking terms.
  • Abuse – Your spouse has been abusive to you in the past.
  • Contested – Sometimes, one person has reason—whether valid or vindictive—to contest the divorce, further complicating the process.

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Getting Child Custody

Your attitude toward your spouse doesn’t change the way you feel about your children. You love them, and you want what’s best for them. Unfortunately, child custody battles in Maryland often become a point of contention in divorce settlements—especially if one or both parents are trying to get sole custody of the children. When that’s the case, you may find yourself dealing with any of the following upsetting scenarios:

  • Your spouse is lying about your parenting skills in an attempt to get sole custody.
  • Your spouse is unwilling to compromise on important decisions regarding your children.
  • You and your spouse cannot agree on how to settle child custody.
  • Your children are caught in the middle of your messy, angry divorce proceedings.
  • You fear you are in danger of losing your parenting rights.

You may be the one instigating a request for sole custody if you feel your spouse’s actions—such as addictions or abuse—may harm your children. To protect your children’s safety and future well-being, rely on the skill of an experienced family law attorney in Montgomery County.

When Alimony Is Involved

Even a relatively “simple” divorce can quickly become complicated when money is involved. This is particularly true in a marriage where one person is the breadwinner while the other stays home with the children. If you are on either end of such a marriage, you may need help getting or keeping your fair share of the family’s income once the divorce is finalized.

There’s No Such Thing as a Simple Divorce

Perhaps you and your spouse are amiable. Maybe you can discuss most matters of divorce calmly and rationally. Even if that’s the case, you will likely hit at least one point of contention that stalls the divorce process. Whenever you’re dealing with legal matters that affect your family directly, it’s important that everything go as smoothly as possible.

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