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The Frederick personal injury attorneys at Nickelsporn & Lundin represent injured victims of 18-wheelers and semi truck accidents in Maryland.The Frederick personal injury attorneys at Nickelsporn & Lundin represent injured victims of 18-wheelers and semi truck accidents in Maryland.Partner with a hands-on law firm that gets RESULTS

A Maryland car accident may cause harm, but the effects of a Maryland tractor trailer accident are likely to be devastating. The sheer momentum of a semi-truck has the potential to cause an unbelievable amount of damage. After a serious Maryland 18-wheeler wreck, you need help from a law firm with extensive experience handling truck accident cases.

Who is responsible for my truck crash injuries?

The fault in an automobile accident is usually easily determined; however, this is not always the case when dealing with truck accidents. Tractor trailers have many different individuals who are responsible for the safe operation of the truck - and more than one person can be at fault when a crash occurs. The Silver Spring truck crash lawyers  at Nickelsporn & Lundin will determine if there were oversights that lead to the tractor trailer crash by examining each and every party including:

  • Truck Driver - The truck driver is most understandably the first place to start. We will review the situation to determine if they were negligent in anyway, including examining driver's logs and full compliance with all trucking regulations.
  • Trucking Company - The trucking company could be held liable for allowing a driver with insufficient training to operate a semi truck.
  • Loading Company - The load on the truck must be properly loaded, balanced, and secured. A failure to do so could cause catastrophic damages.
  • Equipment Manufacturer - An equipment failure could cause the driver to lose control of the truck, resulting in a serious Maryland 18-wheeler crash.
  • Maintenance Company - Negligence on part of the maintenance company is unacceptable. Shortcuts on maintenance, such as the failure to repair lights, brakes and mirrors are unacceptable.
  • Road Maintenance - Dangerous road conditions caused by the presence of potholes and improper drainage to the lack of appropriate signage, lights and guardrails can create unsafe driving conditions that could cause an accident on 495 (DC beltway).
  • Other Parties - Another party, such as another negligent driver, may be responsible for the accident.

How to choose the right Maryland truck crash lawyer for your case

In any injury case, the decision to choose a lawyer is always a difficult one. It can be hard to determine who to trust, who is actually as skilled as they claim to be, and who is going to be the best Maryland truck accident attorney for your specific case. While there are many skilled accident attorneys in Maryland, not all are experienced in representing truck crash cases.

If you are looking for an attorney who understands the ever-changing rules and regulations to which truckers and trucking companies must adhere, you need to speak with the Silver Spring based truck crash lawyer at Nickelsporn & Lundin. Contact us at 1-800-875-9700 to schedule a free consultation to determine if we are the right Maryland truck accident lawyers for your case.

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