Sparks fly as a motorcycle is struck down and skids along the pavement, throwing its unprotected rider into chaos and agony.

Few accidents are as catastrophic as a motorcycle crash, and the sights and sounds of such a painful day can traumatize a person for a lifetime.

While any accident can cause serious injury, a car has features that protect its occupant like air bags, seat belts and a metal frame.

The personal injury lawyers at Nickelsporn and Lundin represent injured victims of motorcycle accidents in Maryland and DC.motorcycle accidents in Maryland and DCA motorcycle has none of these features. Even a moderately serious motorcycle accident can throw a person off a motorcycle. This could lead to a significant injury such as:

  • Bone fractures, such as broken leg or broken arm
  • Head injury, such as closed head injury, concussion, loss of consciousness or brain damage
  • Disfigurement, such as scars, amputation or loss of muscle tissue
  • Spinal cord injuries, such as broken neck, broken back, herniated disks in neck and back or bulging disks

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents occur every day. More than 84,000 motorcyclists were injured in the U.S. in 2009 — and that was a low year.

The other driver’s claim that “I didn’t see you” is no reason for them to avoid paying the damages. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle wreck, the experienced Southern Maryland accident lawyers at Nickelsporn & Lundin, P.C. can help you go after the person responsible.

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Getting you the medical care you need

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you are likely dealing with extensive injuries, multiple doctor appointments, and months of physical therapy. You may be facing expensive medical bills that you cannot afford.

We understand that your body takes time to heal. For any given injury, there is no set number of doctor appointments that you are permitted to have or a formula for how much money you should receive. Each person’s injury is unique and deserves a settlement based on those specific circumstances.

The Southern Maryland injury lawyers at Nickelsporn & Lundin, P.C. know how important it is for you to get sufficient medical care. We have a registered nurse available who can help you determine whether you are getting the care you need or if you require additional care.

We will help you get adequate compensation to pay for your doctor bills. You do not have to accept a tiny sum that barely makes a dent in your medical expenses. If another driver’s mistake caused you to have big injuries, you deserve a big settlement. Let us take care of the legal aspects so that you can focus on your recovery.

If you are dealing with a pushy insurance adjuster who is trying to force you into accepting a small settlement or falsely blame you for the accident, let us deal with it.

Caring representation in a wrongful death case

Sadly, there are nearly 5,000 motorcycle deaths each year in the United States. Losing a family member in a sudden accident leaves you feeling numb, dazed, and overcome with grief.

If you have recently lost a loved one in a Maryland motorcycle accident, you probably do not want to deal with the details of a lawsuit in the middle of your grieving process.

We know this is a hard time for you, and we will provide you with the care and personal service you deserve. The Southern Maryland injury attorneys at Nickelsporn & Lundin, P.C. can help you recover damages to pay for funeral costs and the emotional duress that you and your family have suffered.

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