“Hello, 9-1-1? There’s been an accident!”

Besides getting immediate medical attention for your injuries, there are at least three more good reasons to call the police to the scene following a serious car accident:

1. Witness Reports

Because Maryland car accidents happen over the span of a few short seconds, it’s impossible for a single person to see every detail and be able to explain exactly how the accident happened and what caused it.

When police are called to the scene, they take down contact information for, and statements from, any witnesses to the crash. Having access to these eyewitness accounts can be extremely beneficial to you in the future should you end up going to court over a settlement for your injuries.

2. Accident Reconstruction

When a serious accident occurs, especially one resulting in death, police assess the scene for any evidence that could suggest how the accident occurred. This is done right away, before the vehicles are moved, to provide the most accurate picture possible.

These people are experts and their expert opinion on what likely caused the accident can be taken into consideration in a court of law. This is particularly helpful if the driver or person responsible for the crash doesn’t quite know what happened or is outright lying and denying fault in a Maryland personal injury lawsuit.

3. Criminal Charges

Frequently, a serious accident occurs because one person is doing something illegal. If you suspect that the other driver ran a red light, was driving recklessly, or was under the influence of alcohol, for example, it’s important to call the police to the scene to document these criminal actions. A criminal charge makes it that much easier to prove your innocence and the other driver’s fault.

When you find yourself the victim of a serious Maryland car crash, it’s important that the police be called to the scene to document what happened and why. This impartial evidence will be extremely valuable when you are ready to go after the person responsible for your injuries.

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