Crash! The sudden jolt of another car colliding with your own shocks you to the bones. Adrenaline rushing, you step out of the car on weak knees and check to make sure everyone is OK. Your hands shake as you exchange insurance information and call the police to report the accident. Eventually, it’s time to head back home and leave the accident behind you.

Or is it? Even a moderate Maryland auto accident can end in serious injury. Just because you’re able to get out of the car on your own doesn’t mean you are free from injury. When you’ve been in any car accident, pay attention to these warning signs that may indicate a serious injury.

Immediately After the Crash

If you are experiencing any pain immediately following the accident, tell one of the emergency workers on the scene. They can help assess the extent of your injuries and determine if you need to go to the hospital or follow up with your regular doctor. You should report all pain, even it seems minor to you, but especially be on the lookout for any of the following symptoms that can indicate a serious injury:

  • Dizziness, ringing in your ears or nausea (can signal a serious head injury)
  • Symptoms of a concussion (likely a head injury, possibly serious)
  • Any pain in your neck or back (this could indicate damage to the spinal cord)
  • Any numbness (also indicative of spinal cord injury)
  • Pain when you walk or move your arms (possible sprain or fracture)
  • Trouble breathing (possible internal injury)

Days Later

Many times, an injury isn’t discovered until several days or even weeks after the Maryland car accident occurred. If you find yourself experiencing unexplained pain or simply not feeling quite right days later, it’s a good idea to schedule a doctor appointment. Here are signs to watch for in the days and weeks following a car accident:

  • Increase in severe headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Occasional, sudden jolts of pain that you can’t explain
  • Stiffness, numbness, or aching in any part of your body (this could get worse with time)
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts, or any other psychological issues after the traumatic event

When you’ve been the victim of a Maryland car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you should contact an experienced Southern Maryland personal injury lawyer who can help you recoup damages to pay for your medical expenses. To request a free consultation, call Nickelsporn and Lundin at 800-875-9700 today.