While most people know better than to associate all motorcycle riders with the typical Hollywood bad-boy on a bike, the general public’s perception of motorcycle riders is still less than stellar. Here are five common myths that persist regarding motorcycle riders, in Maryland and around the nation:

  1. Most motorcycle riders are reckless, young punks.
    Motorcycle enthusiasts come from a wide range of backgrounds, from middle-aged commuters looking for an economic way to get to work, to retired couples touring the countryside together. There is no one stereotypical rider on the roads today.
  2. Motorcycle riders are more likely to speed or drive drunk.
    This incorrect assumption may be based on the fact that motorcycle riders who engage in such risky behavior are more likely to wind up injured or dead; therefore, those are the stories that make the news. However, for this reason, most motorcycle riders follow the rules of the road and are conscientious of everyone’s safety on the road.
  3. No motorcycle should be driven in winter.
    Not every motorcycle will do well on icy roads, but many bikes can handle the winter weather just as well as most cars. The toughest part for the rider is dressing for the colder temperatures.
  4. All motorcycle riders will wind up in an accident.
    While this myth used to be more accurate, more riders now understand the importance of defensive driving and helmets. Riders today are doing everything in their power to prepare for and protect themselves in the case of a serious motorcycle wreck in Maryland. This includes taking defensive driving classes and wearing protective clothing and helmets.
  5. Motorcycle riders cause their own accidents.
    Statistics show that, in Maryland motorcycle accidents where another vehicle is involved, the other driver is more likely to be at fault than the rider.

If you are struggling to get a fair compensation following a motorcycle wreck due to another person’s misconceptions about motorcycle riders, you may need a Maryland motorcycle crash lawyer to help you fight these stereotypes.