Things are not always as they seem. The leather-clad motorcyclist may be the safest person on the road. Wrong perceptions can easily sway us from the truth. Unfortunately, such preconceived opinions may threaten to affect your right to compensation after a serious motorcycle accident in Maryland. Here are just three ways in which you may find yourself facing an unfair prejudice:

  1. Failing to wear protective gear
    Wearing a motorcycle helmet is the law in Maryland. While failure to wear a helmet is not supposed to be used against you in a Maryland personal injury case, that fact may sneak its way into the courtroom. Similarly, you may find the judge or jury less sympathetic if you were not wearing other protective gear, such as bright colors at night, a padded jacket, or boots, though none of these protective measures are required.
  2. Riding in inclement weather
    Perhaps your accident occurred in the middle of the night. Maybe it was a stormy day, either rainy and wet or icy and cold. Any of these conditions could lead the judge or jury to think you should have left the bike at home and opted for other transportation. They may even view the fact that you were riding in such weather as reckless behavior. This could in turn give the defense an edge, allowing them to convince a judge or jury that your choice to ride in bad weather somehow contributed to the accident, and therefore, you are no longer worthy of getting compensation for your injuries.
  3. Having a previous driving record
    Never mind that another driver turned directly in front of you, forcing you off the road. If you have a previous record of traffic violations—or any other run-ins with the police—a judge or jury may get the impression that you must be a reckless driver due to your past. This may lead them to start wondering if you did something to contribute to the Maryland motorcycle accident that left you injured.

It’s not always the facts that count. Sometimes, it’s all about perception. If you believe you are at risk of getting an unfair deal due to misperception, then you should talk to an experienced Rockville accident lawyer who can help argue your case successfully. For a free consultation, call the Maryland motorcycle crash lawyers of Nickelsporn and Lundin at 800-875-9700.