It wasn’t your fault the other driver couldn’t see you. You weren’t the one who crashed into the car. No one would fault you for the accident when you’re the one lying in the hospital in pain … or would they?

Insurance agents can sometimes get nasty when it comes to trying to save their company money. Even if you think you have a foolproof case, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional when so much is at stake.

Here are three good reasons why you should hire an experienced Maryland motorcycle crash lawyer to help you prove your innocence:


  1. Your Future Is At Stake – You may already be familiar with Maryland’s laws regarding contributory negligence. Basically, if you cannot prove that you are completely innocent in the Maryland motorcycle crash in which you were injured, you will lose every bit of compensation that you might otherwise receive.

It’s not a matter of getting that extra $100. Proving your innocence is the difference between getting all your medical bills paid versus paying for every penny on your own. It can mean either getting the medical treatment you need for free or letting an injury fester because you can’t afford to pay the bills.

  1. Evidence Is In the Research – It takes time and resources to track down the evidence necessary to prove your innocence. In addition to going through the police reports, you may need to interview witnesses or track down experts who can offer insight on both the circumstances surrounding your Maryland motorcycle accident and the extent of your injuries. An experienced lawyer already knows how to obtain this crucial evidence.
  1. Arguing Is an Art – Break it down to the basics, and you will find that at the heart of every successful attorney is a person with a knack for persuasion: someone who knows the art of argument. A good lawyer not only has the evidence necessary to prove your case; he or she also knows how to articulate what that evidence means and what it’s worth in terms of compensation value.


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