The other car hit you, and you landed in the hospital. How is it that you are now being blamed for the motorcycle accident that left you injured? It’s simply not fair. Unfortunately, fair or not, this situation is all-too common, particularly when it comes to motorcycle wrecks in Maryland.

Whether you find yourself fighting accusations that you broke the law or are simply trying to fight negative stereotypes of motorcycle riders, you might find yourself on the defensive after being injured in a Maryland motorcycle accident. For example, the other side may attempt to use any of the following to argue that you caused your own accident and resulting injury:

  • You were riding at night
  • You were riding in bad weather (rain or snowstorm)
  • You weren’t wearing a helmet
  • You never took a defensive driving course
  • The other driver claims they didn’t see you and that you appeared out of nowhere
  • You were reportedly speeding
  • You were going too fast for the road conditions, according to the police
  • You were drinking (though under the legal limit)
  • You have a record of poor driving
  • You’ve been in an accident before

Some of these facts are legitimate arguments that could jeopardize your chance at getting compensation. Others should not even be a factor but may still be used to sway the emotional opinion of those making the decision regarding your rights to damages. When you find yourself on the defensive for a motorcycle accident in which you were the one injured, it’s time to call in a little extra help. An experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorney can help you fight these charges and preserve your right to compensation for your injuries.

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