Roundabouts are circular by-ways that take place of normal intersections in order to decrease traffic backups. Although they’re gaining popularity in Maryland, they can be dangerously confusing if you’re not used to them.

However, when traffic rules, signs, and common sense are followed, the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration claim that roundabouts can actually decrease traffic, accidents, and fatalities. The trick is knowing how to navigate through them.

Navigating Roundabouts

If you’re worried about driving through roundabouts, find yourself always getting stuck in the loop, or if you just want to stay safe—as we all should—make sure you always follow these five steps when approaching, driving through, and exiting a roundabout.

  • Check for pedestrians before approaching the roundabout entrance. Crosswalks are generally several feet in front of the roundabouts, as opposed to intersection crosswalks that are precisely at the turn points.
  • Watch the circle. Before entering the roundabout, make sure the traffic that is already in the circle is not proceeding in front of you. You must always yield to any and all cars already in the circle or approaching the circle to your left.
  • Choose your lane before entering. When entering a two-lane roundabout, make sure you’re in the proper lane for your exit point as soon as you enter. You can’t change lanes once you enter the roundabout, so make sure you’re in the lane you need before you enter.
  • Once you’re in a roundabout, never stop. Roundabouts are meant to flow continuously.
  • When approaching your exit, make sure you signal that you’re turning. This will allow the traffic behind you, as well as those about to enter the circle in front of you, to know that you’ll be slowing down

Once you’ve used these procedures a few times, driving around roundabouts won’t seem as daunting as they once did. Just remember to pay attention to posted signs and road markings—and roundabouts should never cause you to go in circles again.

That is, unless another driver wasn’t aware of these rules and causes an accident. Then, you may wind up going around and around with your insurance company over an injury settlement. Thankfully, we can help you with that as well.

Accident Guidance for Insurance Loop Frustrations

Insurance companies are known for giving accident victims the run-around when it comes to injury claims. We know how they work and the games they play—so you don’t have to get caught up in the confusion. When you’re injured as a result of negligence in a roundabout, contact us immediately. We’ll help you straighten out your claim and end the endless loop of insurance frustrations. Call now for a free consultation and see how you can get the settlement you deserve for your injuries.

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