The Beltway is notorious for rush hour traffic jams, multi car pile ups and aggressive driving. Living near the busy highway is both a blessing and a curse as it is a straight shot into D.C., but it also attracts a lot of unsafe and aggressive drivers that can put you and your family at risk. 

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of someone else’s disastrous decisions. Although you can’t make someone drive safely, you can try to avoid the danger, by avoiding the driver all together. By being aware of aggressive behavior, and taking precautions to move away or increase your distance from the driver, you could help save your family from a tragic collision.

Avoid the Driver Who Exhibits These Signs of Aggressive Behavior

Everyone should know that a safe driver, drives defensively; however, some drivers ignore safety, common sense and good judgement, in order to show off, avoid delays or get home 3 minutes sooner. To help protect your family against the careless and treacherous actions of an unsafe driver, always pay attention for these 5 signs that a car is being driven aggressively.

  • The car is consistently speeding
  • The car is tailgating, following too closely, or attempting to intimidate you by honking or making hand gestures for you to move over or speed up
  • The car runs a yellow or red stop light or coasts through a stop sign without braking
  • The car can be seen jerking, weaving or snaking its way through traffic
  • The car attempts to pass, stop, speed up, or change lanes at improper or dangerous times

Driving is the most dangerous activity you will ever be forced to do on a regular basis and unfortunately, the danger generally comes from your fellow drivers and their choices. By taking proper precautions, staying alert and making sure that you’re consistently and diligently driving as safely as possible, you’ll not only help keep your family safe, but you can be a positive role model for the drivers around you. If they see you make a wise decision, or avoid a potentially dangerous vehicle, they’ll be more apt to follow you’re example instead of the dangerous example the aggressive driver is displaying.

Remember to always drive defensively (not aggressively), to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and our roads.

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