For the first time ever, you’re driving along Connecticut Ave and the pedestrian crosswalk light is flashing red. You almost never see anyone at that crosswalk, and as you look now, you still don’t see anyone crossing. However, two signs above and below the light, clearly state “Stop on (Flashing) Red.”

You slow down and take another look, but can clearly see the crosswalk is empty. Since no one is coming, do you really have to stop?

Common Traffic Signs That Are Overlooked

The following traffic signs, although commonly ignored, shouldn’t be taken for granted. If the warning is correct at the time of the offense, choosing to ignore it, could result in you suffering far more than having to wait a few extra seconds for a car to pass. The following is a list of common traffic signs that are often overlooked:

  • No Turn on Red
  • Yield
  • Don’t Walk
  • No Passing Zone
  • Any and all speed limit signs

Not only are these signs posted for your own protection, but for the protection of others as well. Think about that the next time you decide that getting home 30 seconds sooner, is worth the risk of passing someone going up a hill, only to narrowly miss a little old lady who was coming down? Congratulations, you are now a full car length ahead of where you were but not only did you put your life in danger to get ahead six feet but you also forced the little old lady to take the risk with you.

No matter how worthy you may think the reason, or why you may think it’s okay to pick and choose which signs and laws to follow, traffic signs are never optional, and for good reason. Help keep our roads clear, our children safe, and protect yourself by always following the posted traffic signs. Remember, your disregard affects more than just your commute.

Have you recently been injured by someone who disobeyed a traffic signal or posting? Contact us for a free consultation about whether you're entitled to damages and compensation for your injuries. We’ll be happy to discuss your claim and rights with you, to make sure you get the justice you deserve. Don’t allow his disobedience to affect the rest of your life, allow our experience and knowledge to work for you. Call today!