Whether you just moved to Maryland or Washington D.C., or you grew up on the East Coast—you more than likely will encounter snow, slush, ice, fog and other inclement weather. Unfortunately, you may find yourself on the road trying to conquer these winter elements. In order to do this safely, it is critical that you have the proper tires. Having four new winter tires or ones in good shape with the proper tread will help reduce your chance of a collision.

In addition, driving safely in the winter requires proper knowledge, skills and techniques, such as:

  • Inspect your tires for proper tread and air pressure
  • Always drive with both hands on the wheel
  • Adjust your speed for the weather and road conditions
  • Maintain a larger following distance from other cars
  • Don’t change lanes frequently when slush or snow is on the ground
  • Slow down before entering a turn or curve
  • Don’t brake hard during a turn or accelerate hard out of a turn
  • Always maintain a slow speed while turning and don’t make any sudden movements with the wheel
  • Know how to handle your vehicle so you don’t find yourself in understeer or oversteer situations

There are many things drivers can do to reduce their crash risks, as you can see from the aforementioned list. However, the biggest thing you can do to reduce your chance of a crash during the winter months is to have the proper winter tires or chains for the conditions you are driving in.