Driving quickly becomes second nature to young adults, and some of us give little thought to the details of what we're doing as we head out to our next destination.

But throw in blinding rain, a snowstorm, hail or other nasty weather, and we suddenly find ourselves paying more attention to each turn and stop.

Inclement weather can affect a driver's ability to:
  • See the road or posted signs clearly
  • See other vehicles or pedestrians nearby
  • Stop quickly to avoid a crash
  • Turn completely
  • Stay in their lane
  • Navigate the vehicle on an icy patch

Any one of these impairments can lead to a nasty car crash. You should know that while weather can play a part in the cause of an accident, bad weather does not excuse negligent driving.

It is important for drivers to adjust their driving accordingly when traveling through bad weather. Some conditions, such as severe rain or snow, may require slower speeds. Drivers who ignore weather conditions are a danger on the road and can cause serious Maryland auto accidents resulting in painful injuries.

If the driver responsible for the accident in which you were injured was driving too fast or too recklessly for weather conditions, you may be able to sue them for compensation.

However, keep in mind that weather can be a two-edged sword. In some cases, bad weather may help prove your case while other times it can work against you.

A good Frederick accident attorney knows how to use the law to your advantage and get you compensation for your injuries whenever possible.

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