Winter has arrived in all its fury, and snowstorms are already causing havoc on Maryland city streets and interstates. Here are five tips to keep in mind when driving along Interstate 70 or the Capital Beltway:

  1. Slow Down
    A slower-moving vehicle is easier to control. Rather than rushing through traffic, take your time and arrive to your destination safely.
  2. Stay Back
    Tailgating is dangerous any time of year but particularly during inclement weather. Instead, stay back, and give yourself plenty of time to stop should the driver in front of you suddenly lose control of his vehicle.
  3. Drive Defensively
    Defensive driving is always a good habit, but it is especially crucial during the winter months. Other drivers may not be able to stop or avoid swerving into your lane, but if you can react quickly enough, you may be able to avoid a serious accident—despite the other driver’s lack of control. At the very least, you will be able to preserve your innocence in any potential crash. 
  4. Be on the Lookout for Obstacles
    Snowstorms lead to all sorts of messes. Keep your eyes peeled for any of the following:
      • Other vehicles stalled in the road
      • Road signs or other obstacles that have fallen onto the road
      • A vehicle losing control and sliding into your lane of traffic
      • A vehicle unable to stop at an intersection
      • A disabled traffic signal
      • Extra slow traffic in front of you
      • Black ice
      • Snowplows at work
  5. Keep a Winter Kit
    Should you become stalled, having a winter survival kit can keep you safe and warm until help arrives. A proper winter survival kit should include the following:
      • Cell or emergency phone to call for help
      • Blanket and extra hats and gloves
      • Shovel
      • Windshield scraper
      • Road salt
      • Flashlight
      • Snacks and water

If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident in Prince George’s, Montgomery, or Frederick counties, you may be eligible for compensation. A skilled lawyer can help you pursue a claim. 

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