The average motorcycle accident costs 10 times as much as the average car accident—as concluded in a 2002 study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. What about motorcycles makes them so dangerous? What makes a motorcycle crash injury so much more serious and costly than a car accident injury? Here are a few factors that can contribute to extensive injuries in any Maryland motorcycle accident:

  • Multiple Fractures
    Any serious Maryland auto accident can land a person in the hospital, but a motorcycle crash typically results in more serious injury. For example, the impact of being thrown from a motorcycle may leave you with multiple broken bones. You may need multiple surgeries, several pins or screws, and dozens of stitches.
  • Road Rash
    Usually unique to motorcycle accidents, road rash (sometimes called road burn) refers to the injury a rider receives when he is dragged along the ground. Because road rash typically refers to an open wound, the risk for infection is high, and if severe, this injury may require skin grafting surgery.
  • Head Injury
    While helmets save lives, they cannot necessarily protect every motorcycle rider from every head injury. Closed head injuries from the brain rattling around inside the head can cause ongoing damage or even permanent disability.

Some estimates suggest that the cost of a motorcycle accident can quickly add up to as much as $1 million. Extensive injuries are just one part of the total cost. Other non-economic costs, such as pain and suffering and a loss of quality of life, increase the overall cost. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Maryland motorcycle crash, don’t take such injuries lightly. Contact a skilled Maryland motorcycle crash lawyer today for help getting the compensation you deserve. To set up an appointment, call 800-875-9700.

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