Truck accidents often produce a wide variety of injuries for those in smaller vehicles. Whether you injured your back, shoulder, knee, hip, arm, or leg in a crash with a large truck, your recovery will likely include physical therapy. While physical therapy alone can help improve certain injuries, injuries sustained in trucking accidents will probably be severe enough to require surgery that is followed by physical therapy.

In light of October being National Physical Therapy month, our personal injury attorneys would like to emphasize the importance of physical therapy for crash victims. Physical therapy is a way to decrease pain, improve mobility, and gain back independence after an injury—ultimately improving people’s lives.

Physical Therapy After a Truck Crash

Many victims of trucking accidents are given several weeks or months of physical therapy sessions by the insurance company, but sometimes this isn’t enough. Injuries are all different, and the time it takes people to heal may vary. Some people require many more physical therapy sessions than others to regain full competency.

It is important that truck crash victims know that if they need more physical therapy to improve their conditions and regain movement, they shouldn’t stay silent about it or eat the costs of the therapy sessions. Victims of trucking accidents should be getting all the medical care and treatment they need to make the best possible physical recovery, including physical therapy.

If you are battling a trucking company and you don’t feel like the company or its insurance company is offering fair compensation or agreeing to pay for additional physical therapy sessions, you should talk with an experienced accident attorney about your rights. Please feel free to click on the live chat button to the left of the screen, and we will connect with you in a complimentary consultation.


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