You were driving along, obeying the rules of the road. The truck driver obviously was not, as he admitted after he hit you. The police agree—there is no question regarding who was at fault.

“He hit me,” you tell the insurance company. Instead of paying your requested damages, they pass the blame on to another agency, which then refers you to yet someone else. 

When there’s no question of who caused your injuries, why does it seem like you still have to fight so hard for your compensation?

Even the most straightforward truck accident usually requires the help of an experienced Maryland accident attorney. This is because any crash involving a commercial vehicle has a lot of red tape.

To start, it might be difficult simply to know what defendant to name in your claim. When a commercial vehicle is involved, you might end up suing the truck driver personally and suing the company who owned the truck or any other number of multiple defendants. Multiple insurance companies often back up each individual or company, making it more difficult to get your money in a timely manner.

Plus, understanding the numerous regulations governing the trucking industry can give you a headache, so determining whether any of those laws were broken in the process of causing your crash can be both time-consuming and difficult.

If you’ve been hurt in a Maryland truck accident, you likely have serious injuries costing thousands of dollars. It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you have to fight for the compensation that is rightly yours.

Rather than taking on the big trucking corporations on your own, trust the skill of an experienced Maryland truck crash lawyer who knows how to make the law work in your favor. At Nickelsporn and Lundin we do our best to make sure our clients receive the medical care and legal help they need in a timely fashion. Call us for more information or a free consultation at 1-800-875-9700.