Truck drivers travel thousands of miles every week, which is why they are sometimes guilty of driving drowsy or driving distracted. Unfortunately, when truckers fail to pay full attention to the road or they drive while fatigued, they increase their chances of being in a wreck. Not only are they risking their safety, but they are putting innocent motorists in danger.

When trucking accidents occur, those in smaller vehicles often suffer serious injuries. When motorists are injured by negligent truck drivers, they typically are taken to a hospital in an ambulance and incur expensive hospital bills for necessary emergency treatment. Even victims of truck crashes who haven’t sustained life-threatening injuries will still need medical care, and standard treatments are very expensive.

It is not unusual for a hospital bill to reach $20,000 in a matter of minutes. From x-rays and other diagnostic tests to medications and an overnight hospital stay, costs can add up very quickly. When emergency surgery is required, costs can exceed $50,000. While many victims have health insurance and car insurance that should cover most of these expenses, some victims are still looking at thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Even if a victim has insurance coverage, there is no reason a victim should have to pay a dime for the damages and losses he or she incurred as a result of a truck driver’s negligence. Because victims of truck crashes are left to deal with serious physical injuries, it is important they enlist an injury attorney to help with their financial recovery.

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