Many people get behind the wheel of their vehicles on autopilot to make the morning commute. While driving to work may feel routine, it is important that every motorist plans for a safe drive. Unfortunately, car accidents frequently occur on the way to and from work, which negatively impacts individuals, families, communities, and the workforce. For this reason, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) encourages all drivers to observe Drive Safely to Work Week (DSWW).

In its 19th year, DSWW will be observed October 5-9, 2015, in an effort to reduce motor vehicle crashes and increase roadway safety. Because every employee deserves to get to and from work safely every day, drivers need to practice defensive driving every time they get into their cars. According to DSWW, there are some practical things drivers can do to stay safe on the road, including:

  • Plan the route you will take ahead of time, even if your journey to work and back feels routine.
  • Remember to plan and prepare for driving into unfamiliar areas.
  • Make sure you are driving with a clear head.
  • Take precautions as you age to ensure your driving isn’t being affected.

Planning ahead is a key part of driving safely and can make a big difference on the road. For example, you can check your fuel gauge the night before and think through your route prior to your morning commute, which should leave you with a clear head and the ability to focus on the road.

Because roadway safety is important to every one of us, we encourage you to participate in Drive Safely to Work Week and to share this information with your family and friends by clicking on one of your favorite social networking icons to the left of the screen.

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