When a bicyclist is hit and killed by a negligent driver, it reminds all motorists to pay closer attention to bicyclists; however, it shouldn’t have to come to this before drivers safely share the road with cyclists. For this reason, bicycle safety is being promoted during the month of May.

While efforts are in place during the month of May for Bicycle Safety Month to raise awareness of bicycle safety, bicyclists should ride smart and drivers should look out for cyclists every day of the year. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. Even though bicycles are legal vehicles, many drivers fail to share the road with them and pass them safely. What motorists typically don’t consider before making reckless maneuvers around bicycles is that cyclists are more vulnerable to suffering fatal injuries.

The Seriousness of Bicycle Crashes

According to the latest statistics on bicycle accidents by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 49,000 cyclists were injured and 726 died in collisions with motor vehicles in 2012. Sadly, this indicates a six percent spike over the previous year in bicycle accident deaths. 

While most bicycle accident fatalities are the result of distracted, drowsy, and otherwise negligent drivers, bicyclists aren’t always innocent. Many cyclists have deliberately failed to stop at stop signs or follow the rules of the road. Some have even operated their bikes while intoxicated.

This is why we want to call attention to cycling safety and encourage all bicyclists to ride smart, follow the rules of the road, wear their bicycle helmets, and expect the unexpected. Additionally, we want to remind all drivers to respect cyclists, look out for them, and never allow your attention to drift from the road.

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