A pleasant ride in the cool of the day suddenly turned into a nightmare. In a split second, you found yourself lying on the ground in pain. Now you’re in the hospital, left with one nagging question: “What just happened?” Sometimes it’s easy to know who caused the crash. Other times, the answer may not be so clear, especially since accidents can happen in a matter of seconds, leaving your world a blur and the details a little fuzzy.

Police typically respond to accidents with injury and immediately begin conducting an investigation to determine what exactly led to the crash. Numerous factors may play into the cause of a serious motorcycle accident in Maryland. For example, here are some possible mistakes that may have caused your motorcycle accident:

  • Another driver cut you off while turning left in front of you, merging onto the highway or into your lane.
  • Another driver ran a red light, stop sign, or yield sign.
  • The other driver failed to see you in his blind spot.
  • The other driver was momentarily distracted.
  • The other driver was drunk or speeding.
  • Another driver performed an illegal maneuver that caused a chain reaction.

Before you admit fault for what you think you might have done to contribute to the cause of your wreck, you should consult with an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer. At Nickelsporn and Lundin, we know how important it is to preserve your innocence so that you can get damages for your injuries. To see how we might be able to help you, call 800-875-9700 to set up your free initial consultation.

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