Small mistakes can make big problems. Think of what difference a little mistake can make on the road. When it comes to motorcycle accidents in Maryland, one small mistake can be extremely costly.

Little Mistakes Cause Big Injury

Perhaps the driver of that other car turned left in front of you just a little too early, forcing you to swerve to avoid a crash. Maybe a truck driver failed to see you in his blind spot and started coming into your lane before noticing your bike and moving back. Even if you didn’t actually collide with another vehicle, chances are good that another driver’s actions caused you to react and lose control of the motorcycle in an attempt to avoid a terrible wreck. Unfortunately, it takes very little to force a motorcycle off the road and even less to put the rider in the path of danger. Accidents that may be considered “little” to other drivers frequently result in big injury to someone on a motorcycle.

Your Mistakes Deny Damages

Despite the popular belief that motorcycle riders are usually at fault for their own wrecks, statistics show that other drivers’ actions are more likely to be the cause of a motorcycle wreck in Rockville, Silver Spring, and Frederick. That’s good news for motorcycle riders because, if you were the one at fault, then you are ineligible for compensation for any injuries you received in the crash. When someone else causes you injury, however, you have every right to demand compensation to pay for your medical bills and other expenses, including damages for your emotional pain and suffering.

If you are being wrongly accused of causing a motorcycle crash that left you injured, you need to speak to an experienced Rockville accident attorney right away. To preserve your right to compensation for your injuries, call Nickelsporn and Lundin at 800-875-9700 to request a free consultation.