After being hit by another driver through no fault of your own, you may be shocked when the insurance company for the other driver attempts to poke holes in your injury claim. Although you know that the cause of your accident and subsequent serious injury was, in fact, the other driver’s negligence, the defending insurance company may try to limit its liability by raising possible defenses to your injury claim. They may claim that your injury was caused by a previous accident or that your injury is part of the normal aging process.

Even though it may not seem fair that the insurance company for the other driver is accusing you when you are an innocent victim instead of taking responsibility for their driver’s carelessness, it’s important to remember not to take it personally. Insurance companies raise defenses to damage claims in order to limit their liability and their payouts.

Because your personal injury case—under Maryland’s contributory negligence law—hinges on the fact that you have to prove the other driver caused the accident and your injuries, it is critical that you are prepared for such defenses. This can be difficult to do on your own, which is why you may want to seek help from an accident attorney.

A skilled lawyer will know how to combat defenses raised by the other side. One of the best ways an attorney can help you do this is by strengthening your claim with expert testimony from doctors, law enforcement, or accident investigators.

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