When you've been the victim of a truck crash, you don't expect to be portrayed as the culprit.

Unfortunately, to save their clients' money, many truck driver defense attorneys will attempt to do just that. They often turn to one of three defenses:

Lack of Causation

The defense attorney will try to prove that the Maryland auto accident would have happened even if the truck had not been involved. Therefore, they say your injuries are not necessarily the truck driver's fault but your own or possibly the fault of another driver involved in the crash.

Your attorney's job is to prove that the truck was indeed the responsible party for the crash and, therefore, your injuries.

Risk of Assumption

In this defense, the attorney tries to prove that since you knew the risk you were taking when you got behind the wheel (or passenger seat) of a vehicle, your injuries are not the defense's fault.

Contributory Negligence

This is perhaps the most important defense for you to know how to combat. In Maryland, you must prove that the accident is entirely the other party's fault; otherwise you lose your right to any compensation.

The truck company's defense will try to prove that you were partially responsible for the crash. They may even say that your own negligence caused the truck driver to crash into you. Therefore, they surmise, the accident was actually your own fault. This gets their client off the hook entirely and leaves you with absolutely nothing.

An experienced Maryland truck accident attorney can help you maintain your innocence and keep the truck driver or company from placing any blame on you. The skilled Rockville injury lawyers at Nickelsporn & Lundin know every trick the defense uses in truck accident cases, and we know how to fight those battles for you.

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