When you think of a motorcycle rider, an image of a man on a Harley-Davidson wearing a black leather jacket may come to mind. While men do make up the largest percentage of motorcycle owners and riders, there is a growing number of female motorcycle riders in this nation.

Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy the freedom of the open roads and the pure adrenaline rush that comes from riding a motorcycle; there are many women who have a passion for motorcycling—whether it’s for adventure, independence, or to literally feel the wind in their hair.

Although the powersports industry is still male-dominated, more and more women are taking to the open road and are even getting elected to the board of directors for the American Motorcyclist Association. Because these women tend to be well educated, mature, and affluent, they are breaking down old ‘biker chick’ stereotypes.

Support and Celebrate Women Riders

Nearly seven million of the 27 million people who operated a motorcycle in 2012 were women, according to data from the Motorcycle Industry Council. While some women use their motorcycles as their main form of transportation, others enjoy riding as a hobby or weekend activity. In either event, these women—wives, moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, daughters—are breaking down stereotypes and should be celebrated this July during Women’s Motorcycle Month.

As injury attorneys, our support for female riders doesn’t end in July. We have a long history of supporting both female and male motorcyclists who have been injured in crashes. Although women are considered to be more safety conscious, as many have completed certified motorcycle safety courses, we encourage all motorcycle riders to wear proper fitting helmets and protective gear, drive the speed limit, and obey road rules to reduce their risks of crashing.

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