The 24th annual Ride to Work Day is coming up soon—Monday, June 15, 2015—and motorcyclists are encouraged to leave their cars at home and hop on their choppers, sport bikes, cruisers, or scooters for the commute to work. Ride to Work Day encourages every type of motorcyclist to come together and ride to work to raise awareness of two-wheeled vehicles.

The Goal?

When more motorcycles are on the road, it reminds drivers of other vehicles to pay attention to motorcycles and that motorcyclists have the same legal road rights as them. According to Andy Goldfine, the founder of Ride to Work Day, this one day “increases the tolerance for people who want to ride motorcycles for transportation,” as there are about a million motorcyclists worldwide participating in this event. The hope is that Ride to Work Day will help increase motorcycle awareness, decrease motorcycle accidents and injuries, and improve traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Will You Be Riding Your Motorcycle to Work?

If you choose to ride your motorcycle to work, we want to help you get there safely. Take a look at the following list of tips to help you ride to work safely on this one day and on every other day you ride your motorcycle.

  • Prepare your motorcycle by making sure it has regular maintenance.
  • Check your tires to ensure they have adequate tread and pressure.
  • Plan ahead to make sure you leave for work in plenty of time so that you don’t have to speed.
  • Obey the road rules and always signal your intentions.
  • Ride with care in traffic and avoid blind spots to make sure you remain visible to other drivers.
  • Wear proper safety gear—including a DOT-approved helmet—to ensure you are protected in the event of a motorcycle accident.

We hope that these tips will help you safely get to work on Ride to Work Day and anytime you ride your motorcycle. If you have found this article helpful, please share it with others you know on Facebook.