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Picking out the perfect motorcycle helmet can be almost as time consuming as deciding on what motorcycle to buy.

There's more at stake than fashion. A helmet is one of your first steps to being a safe rider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the headgear that's right for you.

Is it DOT approved?

First, make sure the helmet has the Department of Transportation's stamp of approval. This means the helmet passes federal safety standards and will do a sufficient job of protecting you in the case of a Maryland motorcycle accident.

Is it comfortable?

A helmet is for safety, but if it's too uncomfortable you may not wear it at all. Make sure you choose one that feels right.


Different brands, sizes, and types of helmets will all fit differently. Experiment. Try on several to see what works for your head shape.

Check the fit.

The helmet should be snug - without giving you a headache. You should be able to move your head up and down without the helmet bouncing. If it bounces around, it's too big.
Also keep in mind that there are different helmets for men and women.

Skip buying used.

While it's tempting to buy your helmet for cheap on Craigslist, there is always the chance that a used helmet has already been in a crash and its reliability impaired.

Go for color.

A brightly colored helmet will help other drivers see you better. Go ahead and grab a flashy helmet.
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