You and your family were driving down Burlington, headed to Pacci’s for dinner when your father-in-law noticed a large semi next to you. As it passed he mentioned that the back end looked a little funny. You kind of blew the statement off as you were extremely hungry and it didn’t really seem to matter. However, about a block away from the restaurant, the semi changed lanes and was directly in front of you, whereupon you understand what your father-in-law meant.

The carriage door appeared to be warped and was banging up and down with every bump the truck went over. The lock was missing and the handle appeared to be rusted in half. Not only that, but you could see what looked like a half crushed cardboard box, leaking some kind of fluid under the door. Your wife suggested backing off but you were less than five yards from the restaurant so you continued your course. As you approached your turn, the truck hit a pothole that caused the entire back end to lurch forward, the door to spring open, and several boxes of the strange liquid to poor out.

Thankfully, you were able to make your turn just in time to narrowly miss the avalanche. However, judging by the look in your wife’s eyes and the crossed arms of your father-in-law, you won’t be as lucky to avoid the impending—and perhaps needed—safety lecture.

Safety Tips for Cargo Avoidance

Driving requires 100 percent focus at all times. Small changes or out-of-place issues in other people’s driving or vehicles, could be indicators of potentially serious accidents waiting to happen. This rule goes for cargo trucks or semis as well. Semis travel cross country carrying thousands of pounds worth of boxes, merchandise, and cargo. When that cargo isn’t secured properly, or the truck carriage itself isn’t secure, that cargo could wind up on the road, or worse, in your lap.

Protect yourself from a loose cargo accident by following and paying special attention to these five guidelines.

  1. Always check for unlocked, open or ajar truck carriage doors.
  2. Always listen for unusual banging or loud noises within the carriage.
  3. Always pay attention to sudden movements or jerks that originate from the back of a semi.
  4. Never follow too closely.
  5. Never assume cargo is properly secured.

Awareness is key! Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and always pay attention to a truck’s movements and overall look when driving next to, around, or especially behind a semi. If you feel uneasy, or believe there may be a problem, back off, change lanes, or pull over. You can also—if safe to do so—signal the trucker that there may be a problem or call the police or traffic control to have the truck stopped and secured before an accident occurs.

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