When cargo or debris fall out of a moving truck and immediately strike you or your vehicle, it is pretty obvious where the cargo originated and where the blame needs to be focused.  However, not all cargo accidents result from boxes or merchandise striking your car; sometimes it is the other way around, where you are forced to strike a stationary lost or fallen object.

After a piece of cargo has fallen from a semi—if the trucker doesn’t notice the issue—that object will remain wherever it has fallen until someone removes it. However, when driving down 29, or going around a curve like on Blair, not only do you not expect objects to be in the road, but they may also be extremely difficult to see. For these situations, you’ll need to be able to identify where the objects came from, as well as to whom they belong, in order to file an appropriate injury claim.

Cargo Identifiers

Large boxes, merchandise, or transported equipment should all contain individual tracking markers to help identify where they came from, where they were headed, and to whom they belong. After an accident, make sure you either photograph or keep the following, to help identify the guilty party:

  • Shipping labels
  • Merchandise itself
  • Packaging slips
  • Bar codes or scanning labels

An experienced lawyer will be able to help you use this information to track down the origin of the destructive cargo, the truck in which it fell off, as well as who is responsible for the incident.

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