The sun is shining and there’s barely a cloud in the sky, making it the perfect afternoon to drive with your top down...or so you thought. The problem started when you got onto 29. You were stuck behind a semi-truck emblazoned with the “Meijer” logo. After staring at the word for over a mile, you noticed that it was awfully shaky as the back door kept bouncing up and down. Although it looked like the door may not have been locked, you put that in the back of your mind as you mentally started to make a grocery list of all the things you needed to get from that store.

Suddenly, the semi hit a bump in the road and the ill-secured back door shot open and a dozen boxes flew straight toward you. You swerved in time to avoid the first few, but unfortunately the rest wound up hitting your bumper, crashing into your windshield, and becoming lodged under your front wheels—some even managed to fly over the windows and crack you on the head.

You somehow managed to pull over to the side, bleeding and dazed, to assess the damage. What do you do now? Who’s to blame?

Cargo Accident Blame Game

Being struck by a falling object, or unavoidably colliding with a large box on the road, can cause a lot of damage and severe personal injuries to you and your loved ones. Filing an injury claim is the best way to receive compensation for your injuries, but how do you know who’s liable for the accident? An experienced lawyer can help you investigate the guilty parties, but generally, there are four possibilities for liability.

  1. Whoever secured—or rather didn’t secure—the cargo.
  2. Trucking company for the improper upkeep of the trucks. Such as rusted locks and inferior holding straps.
  3. Truck driver for his reckless driving that could have caused cargo to become dislodged.
  4. Cargo owner may be able to be held responsible for cargo and transportation issues.

Do you or a loved one need to file an injury claim for a fallen cargo accident but are unsure of how to proceed? Let our experience and knowledge help you determine who is at fault and who is liable for your recovery costs. Contact us for a free consultation and more information about your injury claim and rights. We’re here to help you get the settlement you deserve and make sure the at-fault party is held accountable. Don’t hesitate, call today.

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