You’re driving down the Beltway (like you do every morning), navigating through endless convoys of trucks and traffic, when you notice a semi ahead of you acting somewhat erratically. The brake lights keep flashing, the trailer door isn’t latched, and it keeps veering off the road. You try not to panic but you’re getting closer and closer to it. Maybe if you could just pass it, you won’t have to worry about it anymore; but passing it would require getting close to it.

What should you do? 

Signs You Need to Back Off

When driving behind, near, or in the vicinity of a truck, recognizing and understanding the tell-tale signs of trouble could save your life. If you witness any of these signs, don’t attempt to pass the truck for any reason. Back off and distance yourself from it immediately, in case the trucker has lost control.

  • Swerving or veering
  • Excessive or abrupt braking
  • Tilting or shaking trailer
  • Open trailer, loose objects, or unsecured cargo
  • Loud or ill working brakes  

Semi-trucks can be notoriously hard to control, especially if there is a problem. However, small adjustments can also look like big jerks to regular drivers. Therefore, it is imperative to use your best judgment when driving around trucks. When, and if, a truck accidentally collides with a passenger car, 98 percent of the time the passenger car suffers the most damage. Don’t gamble with those odds—stay alert for any big or subtle changes and do not pass until you are 100 percent sure the trucker isn’t in trouble or that he has regained control of the rig.

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