A broken clavicle or collarbone is one of the most common motorcycle injuries in minor accidents. Due to the fact that a motorcycle does not have an outer shell to protect you when you’re in an accident, your reflexes are forced to take over. Unfortunately, this means that if your motorcycle falls over or you’re thrown from your seat, your natural reaction is to extend your arms to protect your body from the ground’s impact.

Although this is a reasonable gesture, the force will still dissipate throughout your body. Since your arms are hitting the ground first, the force will travel up your arms and jar your bones. If the impact is great enough the fragile clavicle will not be able to sustain the force and it will snap. You will be left with excruciating agony and a dire need to get to a hospital for a diagnosis.

Symptoms of a Broken Collarbone

The American Academy for Orthopedic Surgeons proclaim that a broken collarbone requires immediate emergency treatment in order to reset the bone, as well as to assess any potential muscular, nerve, or circulatory damage. Although an X-ray is the best way to confirm a broken or fractured clavicle, you will easily be able to identify symptoms in order to decide whether or not to seek medical attention. If you exhibit any of the following signs of collarbone problems after a motorcycle crash—no matter how small—it is important to go to seek medical care for a diagnosis:

  • Severe shoulder and neck pain. One of the most obvious symptoms of a fractured clavicle following a motorcycle accident is severe pain in the shoulder or between the neck and the shoulder.
  • Inability to lift your arm. Since the collarbone essentially connects your arm to your chest, if it becomes fractured you won’t be able to easily move your arm without severe pain.
  • Swelling, bruising or bumps. It is common for a fracture to disrupt blood vessels causing deep bruising and swelling.
  • Sagging shoulder. If your arm is significantly lower than the opposite arm or appears to be falling forward, your collarbone could have been damaged.
  • Grinding or popping sensations or sounds. If you hear abnormal crunching or popping noises when you try to raise your arm, it could be a piece of bone knocking on another piece of bone; this is indicative of a fracture.

Arming Yourself Against Further Damage

Even minor motorcycle accidents can cause large amounts of pain, suffering, and financial damage. Broken collarbone treatments and recovery can not only be long and painful but also expensive. Are you prepared to take the financial hit, or would you rather fight back? Contact us today for a free consultation about whether you're entitled to damages and compensation for your motorcycle injuries. We may be able to help you get the money you need for your treatment, while also providing you with an extra helping hand—and arm—to lean on. Call today!

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