In urban areas, there are cars entering and exiting the road on just about every block. Whether turnoffs are for shopping centers, fast food drive-through lanes, gas stations, or residences, motorists are entering and exiting main roads frequently. Because there are many people coming and going, it’s no wonder that parking lot driveways are the scene of many traffic accidents. In fact, driveways are common places for motorcycle accidents because drivers aren’t looking for motorcycles.

Unfortunately, driveways are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists for the following reasons:

  • Small size of a motorcycle. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, it can be difficult for some drivers to see them or judge how fast the motorcycles are coming or how far away they are from the parking lot exit. As a result, a driver of a car or truck might pull out in front of a motorcyclist and cut him off.
  • Position of a motorcycle in the lane. When motorcyclists are riding with a fellow rider or in a group, they often stagger their bikes to increase their maneuverability. When this happens, motorcycle riders often end up riding toward the side of the road instead of down the center of the lane. Drivers tend to glance at the road before pulling out of a parking lot and may miss a motorcyclist on the far side of the road.
  • Obstacles near driveways. Sometimes signs and overgrown bushes or trees near a driveway can block part of a driver’s street view. As a result, a driver might think it is safe to pull onto the road from a driveway exit.
  • Merging mistakes. When drivers are re-entering a roadway, they are focused on merging back into traffic and are typically looking for gaps between other cars in order to get back on the road. This can cause them to look past motorcycles traveling toward them.
  • Driver distraction and negligence. Many drivers are distracted with their smartphones or are in such a hurry that they are careless at the wheel and don’t watch out for motorcyclists sharing the road with them.

When a car pulls out of a parking lot into the pathway of motorcyclist, a motorcyclist can get thrown from his bike and smash into a car’s windshield, go over the roof of the car, and land forcefully on the hard ground, resulting in a serious injury or fatality. Sadly, motorcyclists are highly vulnerable because of their lack of protection.

In order to reduce accidents involving motorcyclists, drivers need to be more careful and pay attention to motorcycles when exiting parking lots. And motorcyclists should always drive defensively and cautiously when entering or exiting roadways.

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