Angry drivers are one of the worst enemies for motorcyclists. It takes little effort for another driver to seriously endanger the life of a motorcycle rider. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests the following tips to avoid triggering another person’s road rage:

Don’t offend

When asked what actions upset them the most, drivers frequently list these four driving behaviors as the worst triggers for road rage:

  • The other driver cut me off.
  • He was driving too slowly in the left lane.
  • The other driver wouldn’t stop tailgating me.
  • He made a gesture. Answers on this particular behavior vary from obscene gestures to something as simple as a shake of the head or an eye roll.

Don’t Engage

Nothing eggs on an already-angry driver more than retaliation. Before you react to another driver’s aggressive actions, take a moment to cool down. Then, do the following to diffuse the situation:

  • Steer clear. Do everything in your power to (safely) put distance between you and the other driver. This may include moving behind the other driver and slowing down or taking the nearest exit off the Capital Beltway, or wherever you happen to be.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Get help. If the other driver persists in his actions, it may be time to call the police on your cell phone or drive to a crowded area for protection. Do not go home or exit your vehicle, as this may put you in additional danger.

If you’ve been a victim of a motorcycle wreck where the other driver was acting recklessly or aggressively, you may be dealing with serious injury. A lawyer might be able to help you recoup damages to help pay for your medical expenses. 

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