There’s a good chance you’ve driven along I-495, I-295, or any road in Silver Spring and spotted a patrol or emergency vehicle on the side of the road attending to another motorist. You have probably been on the shoulder after getting pulled over or when requiring help from safety personnel, yourself.

As you sat there, you likely noticed just how fast the other vehicles on the road were going when they passed by. Although you were probably safe, other drivers and emergency workers are often not. Sadly, many have lost their lives when on the side of the road because of other drivers who strayed onto the shoulder and collided with them or their vehicles.

Move Over Law Aims to Keep You Safe

The good news is these tragic accidents could be prevented by a new law that was implemented October 1, 2014. Here, we discuss what you know about this new law.

  • What it means. In an effort to protect those on the side of the road, including bicyclists, stopped motorists, and emergency personnel, the Maryland Move Over Law requires that drivers approaching emergency vehicles from the rear on the shoulder should move over into an adjacent lane away from the shoulder, if possible. If this maneuver isn’t safely possible, motorists are required to “slow to a reasonable and prudent speed that is safe for existing weather, road, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic conditions.”
  • When you don’t comply. Violation of the new law is considered a primary offense and results in a $110 fine and one point. If the violation causes a traffic accident, the penalty is a $150 fine and three points. If the violation causes a fatality or serious injury, the motorist will face a fine of $750 and three points.

When the Worst Happens, We Are Here for You

If you become the victim of a crash due to the negligence of another motorist, the legal team of Nickelsporn and Lundin are here. We have helped many accident victims in the Montgomery County area receive justice, and may be able to do the same for you.