Imagine the horror of hitting a biker. Think of the physical harm that your car could cause a motorcyclist on I-70, I-270, or another Maryland road, and consider what such an accident might do to you emotionally.

The Thought May Be Terrifying—But the Crash May Be Avoidable

As the driver of a car, you have a duty to drive with reasonable care and you owe that duty not only to your passengers—but also to the occupants of every other vehicle on the road with you. Many of the things that you do to avoid any type of collision will help you avoid motorcycle accidents. For example, avoiding drunk or distracted driving and obeying the speed limit may help you prevent a crash with a truck, car, or motorcycle.

However, there are some specific things that you can do to try to avoid hitting and hurting a motorcyclist. Those things include:

  • Leaving a greater distance between you and the biker in front of you. That way you will have more time to stop and avoid a rear end collision if the biker in front of you stops suddenly.
  • Looking over your shoulder before you change lanes. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and may have a greater likelihood of being in your blind spot if you change lanes using only your mirrors.
  • Anticipating that a motorcycle may be moving faster than it seems and accounting for that at intersections. The size of motorcycles may affect how we judge their speed. Thus, it is important to expect a motorcycle to reach the intersection faster than you might expect.

Of course, being cautious and alert will help you avoid the unanticipated problems of sharing the road with a biker.

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