You hear the crackling of a fireplace, and your skin starts to crawl. You feel the smoke start to choke you, and you can almost taste the ash. You glance away from the sight of the burning flames, but your mind immediately takes you back to that horrible crash. It was weeks ago and your injuries are healing well—but you still can’t seem to shake the painful memories.

Perhaps you think you can still smell the smoke on your clothes. Maybe your skin occasionally starts to burn even on a cold winter day. Nightmares of the crash may wake you up at night. Recovering from the mental anguish of a serious car accident can take much longer than the recovery from your physical injuries. A crash involving a car that caught on fire can be particularly devastating, in part because it involves all of your senses.

Help Is Available

If you’re still struggling with mental anxiety following a fiery car crash on the Beltway or along a residential road in Central Maryland, you may need help getting your life back to normal. You may need to look into any or all of the following:

  • Counseling to help you process your fears and thoughts about the crash
  • Psychiatric care to treat any of the physical symptoms you’ve experienced due to the mental trauma
  • Plastic surgery to heal the external scars in an effort to aid your emotional healing

The Next Step Is Yours to Take

You shouldn’t have to live in fear the rest of your life just because another person’s negligence left you the victim of a fiery car accident. You have every right to demand that person compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured. To see how our Southern Maryland car accident lawyers can help you get the full amount of damages to which you are entitled, fill out our online form today to request your free consultation.