When you’ve suffered serious physical injury in a Maryland car crash, it’s normal to experience temporary feelings of anxiety and fear as you deal with the physical pain and memories of the accident. However, when these feelings continue months after the crash, it’s quite possible that you are suffering from a mental issue triggered by the traumatic event.

Mental issues stemming from a car accident are just as real and deserving of compensation as any physical injury. If you’ve suffered emotional or mental trauma, you have the right to demand compensation. You may be able to recover damages to help pay some of your medical expenses if you’ve been diagnosed with any of the following triggered by a Maryland car accident:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Another anxiety disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression

Medical expenses you may incur include appointments with a therapist to help treat the mental disorder, as well as counseling appointments to talk through the emotional trauma. You may be cured in weeks, or it may take months before you find the right solution for you. In addition to payment for your medical expenses, you may also be able to recoup extra compensation for your “pain and suffering,” a legal term used to loosely describe the emotional trauma an accident victim suffers.

A skilled Maryland auto accident attorney can help you negotiate a favorable settlement to compensate you for the pain and suffering you underwent following your accident. To set up an appointment for a free initial consultation, call Nickelsporn and Lundin today at 800-875-9700. In addition to experienced legal help, we also have a registered nurse who can help make sure that you are getting the medical treatment you need to help you take back control of your life.