Truck accident lawsuits typically take longer than other auto accident lawsuits for the following reasons:

More Regulations

Truckers are bound not only to the general rules of the road but also to an entire code of federal and state regulations that govern commercial trucking. With so much additional red tape, every step takes longer. Just a simple local police investigation may take months because the cops have to sift through so much more information.

More People

Perhaps you were in one of several vehicles involved in a serious truck accident on the Capital Beltway. Maybe numerous insurance companies are involved in covering the driver and truck that hit you. In any case, the more people that are involved, the more time it takes to come to an agreement on even the simplest details.

More Money

Because truck accidents frequently end in big injury, the payout is typically larger. With so much money at stake, you can expect all potential defendants to nitpick at the details. Similarly, you may be reluctant to jump at the first settlement offer if you feel it is not enough to cover the true cost of your medical bills and related pain and suffering.

While it can be frustrating to wait, taking the time to do the job right will likely pay off in the end. Don’t get discouraged if your Maryland truck accident claim is not settled within weeks of filing. The process takes time, but when it’s done right, the end result is worth the wait. We invite you to check out our other case results to see what we mean.