When you’re moving, a million things are going on in your head: Is this the right decision? Is Silver Spring going to be better than D.C. or worse? Will you get it all done today? How difficult will it be to drive the truck? Is traffic going to be bad on 495? Unfortunately, in addition to all the mental strain, you also have to deal with the physical strain of actually picking up and moving all of your possessions from the old house to the moving truck and then from the truck to your new place.

Needless to say, moving can be extremely exhausting and stressful, but what about the added worry and danger of renting the moving vehicle in which you’ll be responsible? How do those stresses add to your already aggravated moving day plan?

Why You Run the Risk of a Serious Accident When Moving

U-Haul is one of the most popular moving rental companies in the United States. They have thousands of locations across the nation and it is relatively easy to rent a truck in one state and drop it off in another. However, like most moving rental companies, they also have a lot of potential safety hazards. These include:

  • Aging and ill-maintained truck selections. As each truck is constantly moved from one place to another, maintenance can be lax and upkeep forgotten from one truck to the next. This includes everything from oil and spark plug changes, to checking brakes and lights.
  • Unsafe towing policies. Many moving truck renters don’t care if you’ve ever towed anything before, nor do they care if you know how—they may or may not give you a quick course on how to mount a trailer, or a pamphlet on safety guidelines. However, towing can be extremely dangerous, and without proper instruction or training, could cause a serious accident.
  • Underpaid and undertrained employees or personnel. Many employees will inadequately inform you of safety standards and precautions.
  • Misinformation or poor communication. Some safety standards, such as properly balancing your load and how to safely attach a trailer, is either glanced over or not given at all—making it extremely difficult for you to know how to safely move your belongings.

For all of these reasons, as well as for your own safety and well-being, it is imperative to make sure you know the safety protocols of driving, packing, and maneuvering a large truck or van. It is also important to know how to safely attach, detach, and handle towing hitches, trailers, and added vehicles—even if you’re not properly informed by the rental company.

Staying safe and preventing an accident should be your number one priority, so if you don’t feel comfortable with driving a moving truck or towing extra pieces behind you, either have someone more experienced do it for you, or hire a professional mover instead of taking on the burden yourself. Although it may be a little more inconvenient or expensive, it will be infinitely safer.

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