Possibly. The answer to that question boils down to one simple fact: Did you cause the accident or did someone else? Because Maryland uses the contributory negligence standard, you will not be able to get any money for your injuries if you caused the accident that left you hurt. That is the unfortunate side effect of Maryland’s personal injury laws.

If you were hit on the inner or outer loop of the Beltway, you are likely dealing with significant injuries. It may take months for you to recover. The good news is that if you were an innocent victim of the accident, you have every right to sue the at-fault driver. You may be able to get money that will pay for your medical bills, reimburse you for wages lost at work, allow you to continue physical therapy, and more.

Just because the truck driver who hit you is denying responsibility for the crash doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. It’s possible that the truck driver is lying. It’s also possible that a third party—such as the driver’s employer, the truck manufacturer, or mechanic—is partly to blame for the accident. You may actually be able to go after multiple defendants in order to get the compensation you deserve and need.

It can be difficult to fight a giant trucking company in court, but the skilled attorneys at Nickelsporn and Lundin have experience in this area. We know how the defense thinks and how to fight back. If you want to tip the tables back in your favor, call us today to set up your free initial consultation. For more information, stop by our offices in Rockville, Silver Spring or Frederick to pick up your free copy of our book, 10 Tips to Get the Maximum Compensation.