The subject of motorcycle anti-lock brake systems (ABS) is highly contended amongst the Slow-Riders, Platinum Rollers, and the biker community as a whole. Many purists were taught on older bikes that weren’t equipped with ABS and therefore, believe that they aren’t necessary. Others believe that anti-lock brakes can cause even more problems than they solve.

“ABS will increase your stopping distance...When it fails, you won’t have any brakes at all...It’s dangerous when you’re not on pavement”...and so on and so forth.

However, as BMW can attest (as of 2012 ABS has been standard on all of their motorcycles), motorcycle anti-lock brake systems are life-saving and accident-preventing necessities. ABS has been evaluated both nationally and internationally as an important factor to increasing safety and reducing motorcycle accident numbers.

Benefits of Motorcycle ABS

The American Motorcycle Association, in conjunction with Bosch Engineering, proved to set the record straight about ABS. They performed numerous testing, research groups, and discussions with highly qualified automotive engineers, to conclusively show the benefits of ABS. The conclusions are as follows: 

  • When braking, ABS not only allows you to maintain some control, but it allows you to stop in a shorter distance by keeping the wheels from locking up and skidding when you grab the brakes.
  • If the ABS unit fails, the braking system reverts to its traditional braking function.
  • ABS-equipped motorcycles allow you to perform a panic stop on slick (non-pavement) surfaces, with more control than non-ABS-equipped motorcycles. In deep sand or very rough terrain, ABS may cause unwanted pressure or retention when braking. However, when ABS is installed, an override switch is available so the rider can turn the system off when the bike is going to be rode in true off-road environments.

No matter what your position on the purity of a motorcycle, the next time you decide to upgrade, you should seriously look into your anti-lock brake options. They don’t affect your normal ride, but could wind up saving your life during an accident. Although, neither ABS nor any other type of motorcycle technology can replace experience and proper training, added protection can never hurt.

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