Every week during the spring, summer, and fall, you try to take your motorcycle down Cabin John Parkway, toward Lake New Mark in order to distress from a week’s worth of work stress. Your frustrations are completely melted away by the fresh air, wind against your face, and gentle hum of nature near the river. However, after a close call with an SUV last month, your wife is urging you to take the car on your rides instead of your motorcycle. She’s worried that you have no protection and may wind up getting killed.

You tried to explain to her that no matter what you were driving, if you got in an accident you’d probably be hurt either way, and besides, the motorcycle makes you feel freer than a car.

Is she overreacting, or do the risks outweigh the benefits of your ride?

Pros and Cons of Exposed Motorcycle Seats

One of the joys of riding a motorcycle is the freedom. The wind blows freely over you and your sightline isn’t obscured by being surrounded by a body of steel. Unfortunately, this open aired freedom comes with a cost; without the steel shell providing protection, your risk for serious injuries increases tenfold. However, as with everything in life, you must always weigh the risks against the benefits to determine your choices.


  • 360-degree view with nothing obstructing your forward, back, or side views (limiting blind spots).
  • Increased visibility. With an open view the driver has the ability to see everything around him, including any potential traffic problems. He can then utilize this open visibility to find a safe alternative route to avoid a possible accident.
  • Decreased chance of being trapped in an emergency situation. Having an open chassis allows you the ability to quickly move away from your vehicle if needed. If your motorcycle is forced into a submerged ditch or catches on fire, you’ll be able to easily get away without having to worry about jammed doors or broken restraints.


  • No protection. Vehicle frames are designed to provide protection for its occupants. It absorbs impact force, contains passengers within, and keeps them from being thrown out—sheltering passengers from being severely crushed. Open chassis provide none of these protections.
  • Increased injury severity including road rash, brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Decreased chance of accident survival.

Riding a motorcycle is an experience you’ll never forget. However, before you decide whether or not you want to feel the freedom of the open ride, remember the potential risks as well as the rewards to stay cautious, focused, and safe.

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