There are many car accident victims whose injuries aren’t fully apparent immediately after an accident. Sometimes injuries take days or weeks to show up, and sometimes one test might not be conclusive and more testing needs to be done to determine what type of injury you suffered. If your family or emergency room doctor didn’t find a specific injury or if they aren’t planning on conducting more tests to diagnose the cause of your pain, it is essential to have a second opinion.

Sometimes people get second opinions because they feel they aren’t getting good medical care and other times they seek additional advice before they agree to a surgery. It is your right to get a second opinion, as it is important to your health as well as to your potential personal injury claim.

If you are already pursuing a car accident claim, your lawyer might have you see another doctor for several reasons. Mainly, it is important to your health to have the best medical care, but your attorney might also have you switch doctors because he or she knows the importance of having a doctor who can appear comfortable as a witness in court.

Independent Medical Exams: Don't Go it Alone

Although the insurance company will look for anything they can to try and deny your claim, your attorney should be able to explain why you saw a new doctor. You should know, however, that the insurance company may require you to submit to an independent medical examination (IME) if they question the extent of your injuries. It is important that your attorney prepares you before an IME or even attends it with you because the doctors who conduct these exams often act like insurance claims adjusters and not neutral medical examiners.

Seeking the best and most thorough medical care is your right, but protecting your legal rights is just as important. If an insurance company is giving you a hard time about the medical opinions you have received in your accident injury claim, connect with us through our live chat feature now.