You’re in pain and feeling low. You pick up the phone and call a friend to vent about the truck accident that put you in this spot. Then you move on and continue with your day.

Wait a second—did you get that in writing? Perhaps you should. A personal journal recounting your daily struggles can provide an inside look at how you’re feeling and how much you have suffered. A skilled Maryland truck accident attorney can use that information to better tell your story and get you a favorable settlement.

Physical Symptoms

Your journal should include a short description of how you are feeling physically on a day-by-day basis. For example, if you are experiencing an increase in pain or are struggling with fatigue that interferes with your ability to function, write that down. Include any symptoms too, such as side effects from any new medications.

Emotional Well-Being

How are you doing emotionally? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you struggling with depression? How has the injury affected you psychologically? This is important to include as well because it gives an inside look at your personal suffering.

Financial Struggles

You don’t necessarily have to itemize your medical bills because you should already have a record of that. However, you may want to jot down a few thoughts about how the additional expenses have affected you emotionally or altered your spending habits.

Time Log

Your journal is a good place to keep track of how many hours you spend at the doctor. A simple list of your doctor appointments is one thing, but jotting down a few notes of how long you spend in the waiting room or how you rearrange your entire day to accommodate appointments will give a clearer picture of how much the injury has affected you.

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