First of all, you should know that drug use is currently the number one cause of truck accidents in the U.S. One-fourth of all truck accidents are caused in part by either prescription drug or illegal drug use. That means there’s a high chance that the driver who caused your crash was somehow misusing drugs.

Possible Signs of Drug Misuse

You may have additional reason to suspect prescription drug use if the driver said or did any of the following at the scene of your Maryland truck accident:

  • Appeared very drowsy
  • Had slurred speech
  • Was unable to concentrate on your conversation
  • Seemed easily agitated
  • Said something about a cold or the flu (may be taking over-the-counter medications that react with some prescriptions)
  • Referenced a serious health issue
  • Was very overweight (may be taking prescription medications for related issues)
  • Referenced any medication that he or she takes
  • Popped a pill in front of you
  • Hesitated to submit to a toxicology test

Toxicology reports are the most accurate way to determine whether the driver had any medications in his or her system at the time of the accident. A toxicology test should be done as soon as possible after the accident. The results will reveal which drugs the driver was on as well as the concentration level of those drugs. An expert will then determine whether that amount of toxicity was likely to have affected the driver. For example, a specific amount of a certain medication may affect a person’s vision, reflexes or reaction time, mental capacities and more.

If you believe drug use—prescription or illegal—caused your accident, you may be able to demand damages from the at-fault driver. To learn how our Maryland truck crash lawyers can help prove your case, fill out our online contact form today.